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When a Spouse Wiretaps !!

In child custody, Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Parental Alienation, Strategy Issues on January 16, 2009 at 7:30 am

From Divorce360.com, a story about that Psycho Mom who spent years using her child’s Teddy Bear to record dad’s conversation with the child.

“This is actually a great story about the extremes a psycho mom will go to, and how it only increases the rancor” in a divorce, said California family law attorney¬†David Pisarra. He said the bigger issue, is “how people try to get dirt on the other side and how fruitless it usually is.”

I think that generally people are just wasting their money when they try to discover “dirt” on their ex, in most cases it wont really effect the outcome of the divorce, and only makes everyone that much angrier.