“She’s cutting me out of their lives!” – PARENTAL ALIENATION IS CHILD ABUSE

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I frequently hear from dads, that mom is “cutting me out of their lives” and to varying degrees this is called Parental Alienation (“PA”). There is much debate about whether it’s a psychological syndrome or not. But to men who are fighting it, they don’t care. They just know it hurts and it’s a very difficult battle to wage.

Dad Defending Himself
What you need in a Parental Alienation Battle

Fathers have a difficult time staying involved in their children’s lives. The courts usually keep the kids with mom when dad moves out. Mom expects dad to continue working as much as he did, for two reasons, so that he has as much money as before, and to keep him so busy he doesn’t have time for the kids, which she then uses against him.

There are three main categories of PA, Mild, Moderate and Severe. All of them are abusive, to the father, but more so to the child. Harming or destroying one parent’s relationship with their child is, and should be treated as, CHILD ABUSE.


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Mild Parental Alienation: Parents who lose control, make negative comments or exhibit negative behavior towards the other parent in front of the child, but feel bad about it later. Most parents going through a divorce engage in this level of Parental Alienation at some point. But they recognize they are wrong, worry about the effects on the child (or children), and take steps to stop inappropriate actions directed at the other parent. They understand that their child needs to have a healthy and loving relationship with both of their parents, to have the best chance of developing into a healthy adult someday. These parents rarely use the family court system to control or attack the other parent, and are rarely involved in starting a child custody battle.

My law firm has fought these battles for years, they are nasty and difficult. Many times it looks like Mom is just being a protective parent, and if you’re in this fight, you need to know that it’s a long war, not just a one day event.

  1. Hi my name is Justin… I am unfortunately a victim of Parental Alienation. My daughters mother and I have not got along for quite a long time. We have never been married and our daughter is 5. For the past few months her mother has been physically abusive toward me in front of our daughter and last saturday I had finally had enough. She was arrested on domestic violence that evening. Much to my surprise in Illinois you have to have a lawyer to obtain temparary custody of a child where in most states you don’t. I have no problem obtaining a lawyer but in my small town the lawyer that does family law just happened to be out today when I needed her the most! So in short my ex bonds out of jail takes our daughter accross country and there’s nothing I can do about it. Because the judicial system is so biased toward men I have to sit here everyday wondering where she’s at, if she’s ok, and when’s the next time i’ll even get to talk to her. Yes there is some dead beat dads out there I am product of one, but should the judicial system really be that one sided? Should men have to endure this emotion of not having the best thing in the world to them? There should be some law that states whoever is more stable and fit on the spot should be granted temparary custody immediately…. not have to wait two days for a lawyer that isn’t even in when you need them. No offense to the lawyers on this site.
    I have done a great deal of research the past couple days with no sleep and I have come to realize there is a great abundance of people out there that may not be going through the same thing but something similar. This is no solicitation in anyway bc there will be no profits I just want to spread the word that today will be the start of a new support group and organization I am happy to start for fathers everywhere affected by all this as I am. Fathers Against Bad Parenting! I am only 1 man…. that needs the voice of others, so that we may be heard accross the nation soon. I have great ideas and dreams for this organiztion and for the men who need guidance support or just want to help and be heard as much as I do.
    Like I said I am just starting this today soon I will have a website with a blog/chat/forrem section. Until then please feel free to email me @ justinlabrie07@ gmail. Voice your opinion, stories, your concerns, your experiences…. a friends, a relatives, something about what im trying to accomplish, it doesn’t matter what you say. Nothing is the wrong thing to say unless your not saying it! Once again this is not a solicitation scam or whatever people do to freak eachother out now a days.

    • Justin, The ‘Family Court’ has and is feeding upon the assets of of our current generation. The judge, attorney and government employee are beneficiaries of divorce, without accountability to the law. In my Pro Per case, I filed suit against the ex-party’s attorney, Daniel Long and the judge, D. Scott Daniels, Solano Co., CA for Daniels open court conspiracy to transfer my, Dennis Kromann ( dkromann@TrueCodeBuilders.com ) real estate to Long.
      Lets keep it short; I started, All4OneJustice Inc ( I need partners to get it up and functional so email me ) to organize a grass roots effort to document real-estate to self, community supported pro per divorce and litigation and, not limited to, instant registering ideas, inventions and discoveries to self in time. Imagine; open, video, published court, police, patents and more for system and personal accountability.
      We see government and the employee immune form accountability. Individual government office holder, perpetrators are protected by this same protectionist group called government employee and government systems support contractors.
      The immediate need for a benefit driven grass roots voice is clear. With that understanding, We the People, now need a web site programmer to bring All4OneJustice to the internet public ready for membership empowering benefits. ……Dennis

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