Divorce and Child Custody Video – Parody? Kinda, sorta, not really.

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Okay, so, this video deals with a man after a divorce, and whether or not he’s still a dad, and what his child custody and visitation is going to be like. I like it because it’s kinda funny, but I’m also really touched by it, because it’s also WAY  too true of what many men and fathers feel like after going through a divorce and child custody battle, especially when they are unprepared or representing themselves.

I really want you to watch it, remember, DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU !!

Call me. Write me. Let me help you.

  1. Calgary Alberta Gay Male Family law changing ALL CAnada with Bill 22 and amendments for case FL01-01406 and Charter Challenge Fl01-11127 in Jan. 2011.

    This will be a Global first with PRESUMPTION of parentage for non bio intended father/parent/guardian.


    $400,000 plus for this social hiv pos papa
    Loss of Career, vehicle and child (loco parentis)

    my case impacts gender discrimination and sexual orientation

    in 4.5 years of litigation only 27 full days of contact were possible and every second was forced through court.

    Psychologist’s biased report alleges hiv pos papa is irrational, out of step with this child’s reality and thinks he is her father and is clinically manic which finally means….

    that my child and I are “TO PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER” never have contact again, except through a card from HER PARENTS, since I seem to express and interest in their child.

    DR> Terry Pezzot Pearce is partially responsible for CHILD ABUSE

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