Fighting for Child Custody? How not to lose the battle.

In child custody, Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Gay, Parental Alienation, Paternity Issues, Strategy Issues on July 23, 2010 at 9:14 am

Most of the men fighting for Child Custody I represent would do ANYTHING FOR THEIR CHILDREN. It’s one of the reasons they work so hard, which tragically, becomes the millstone around their necks that the ex-wife uses. I address the strategic issue of whether to move or not in this article posted at The Good Men Project.


child custody battle over visitation

Child being torn between mother and father.

  1. I am in the beginning stages of a divorce in which I want physical of my children, 16 and 13. Both have told me I am the parent they want to live with, 100%. I am having difficulty in keeping current with the mortgage and have proposed to them we move to another town one hour away and live with my father. One doesn’t care where they live as long as it is with me. The other doesn’t want to move. I am still living in the marital home and won’t leave unless forced to do so. Wife is now saying to lawyers that the kids are just telling me that because that is what I want to hear. Not true. I think her lying is going to jeopardize my chance at custody. What can I do?

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