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*Offer Only Extended To Raider’s Quarterback Kyle Boller

In Advance Of Marriage To Carrie Prejean

SANTA MONICA, CA – Internationally recognized family law attorney and gay rights activist David Pisarra, who specializes in representing Husbands and Fathers (www.MensFamilyLaw.com) in divorce and custody hearings, is offering to provide Raiders Quarterback Kyle Boller a free prenuptial agreement, and to represent him throughout any divorce proceedings from his betrothed, the infamous Carrie Prejean who lost her Miss California crown for breach of her duties.

Prejean, who rose to national fame with her very public condemnation of same-sex marriage in the 2009 Miss USA contest, based on her devout religious beliefs, and then reached international fame with the fight over publication of her “sex tape” is set to marry Boller on Friday, July 2 at The Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

Attorney Pisarra says, “This is a marriage that has a high probability of failure, not because of Ms. Prejean’s bigoted and homophobic statements, nor her inability to live up to the standards she holds others to, but the fact that it is a marriage of a professional athlete and a celebrity seeker.”

It has been documented that in California more than 60% of first marriages end in divorce but what is lesser known is that divorce rates for Evangelical Christians, such as Ms. Prejean,  still runs at more than 33%.  This, coupled with a report conducted by Professional Athletes Outreach that states that two years after retirement, 78% of N.F.L. players are bankrupt, jobless or divorced, it may be wise for Mr. Boller to consider all legal options.

“Marriages of two high powered, celebrity seeking individuals have a much higher divorce rate as the stresses and strains of adjusting to married life compete for the needs of a round the clock media machine,” says Pisarra. He claims Boller’s high responsibility position as quarterback will put huge pressures on his time and attention, which in more traditional marriages are used to adjust to each partner in the marriage.

“These two will have by definition a non-traditional marriage,” adds Pisarra.“He will be on the road a large portion of the year and she is actively pursuing her celebrity with books and appearances. How can they be focused on building a nest and forming a traditional family? I just don’t see it.”

Pisarra thinks that Boller needs to protect himself in the likely event of a divorce, by having a prenuptial agreement where he can reduce his future legal fees, and limit any alimony.

“Should he not take up my offer of a pre-nup he can still limit his financial exposure to spousal support and protect the assets that he is bringing to the marriage. Remember Kyle, you’re the one taking the hits…not Ms. Prejean.”


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