In child custody, Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Parental Alienation, Perjury, Property Issues, Spousal Support, Strategy Issues on May 27, 2010 at 6:44 am

“She lied!” “She’s committing perjury!!” “That’s a lie!” Every day. In every courtroom, those phrases are said.

I know she’s lying. You know she’s lying. The judge probably knows if it’s a really bad one.

“Put her in jail!” That’s not going to happen so much. Judges can’t put away every liar, there’d be no room for the real criminals.

So what’s the point ? Well, it’s about credibility. Once a judge knows, or even suspects, that someone’s lying to the court, their credibility goes out the window.

I had a case where the ex-wife said she was married in a Michigan court, and said she was single in a California court. The judge looked at the lawyer and said, “so either she lied in Michigan, or she lied in court, either way, she’s a liar!”

Bad day for that lawyer!

Bottom line: perjury happens, judges know, they can’t do much about it, but it can ruin a case for the liar.


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