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January is Divorce Season to “Emotionally Clean House”

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Here I am quoted in an article in the Hartford Courant on the rate of Divorces and Child Custody Disputes in January.

David Pisarra, a Santa Monica, Calif., divorce lawyer, said he believes the sense of a “fresh start” may contribute to the tone of certainty among his January clients.

“When the calendar turns over, they are kind of ready to emotionally clean house,” he said.

Many of his January clients, Pisarra wrote in an e-mail, will “approach an impending divorce in a more positive manner than they do throughout the year, which we attribute to the ‘new beginning’ mentality that surrounds the new year.”

When a Spouse Wiretaps !!

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From Divorce360.com, a story about that Psycho Mom who spent years using her child’s Teddy Bear to record dad’s conversation with the child.

“This is actually a great story about the extremes a psycho mom will go to, and how it only increases the rancor” in a divorce, said California family law attorney¬†David Pisarra. He said the bigger issue, is “how people try to get dirt on the other side and how fruitless it usually is.”

I think that generally people are just wasting their money when they try to discover “dirt” on their ex, in most cases it wont really effect the outcome of the divorce, and only makes everyone that much angrier.