In Child Support, Property Issues, Strategy Issues, Uncategorized on October 29, 2008 at 3:07 pm

There I was, sure that my client had a winning hand in the Orange County Court on an Order to Show Cause regarding Child Support and Spousal Support, we had delivered the other side with our Income and Expense Declaration showing just how little money he had in the bank and made each month.

Dead Bang Winner.

Until her lawyer shows me the printout from his bank account, the one he didn’t give me, showing the deposits that  I didn’t know about.

Two things about this are annoying. 1) He didn’t tell me the full story – which makes it hard for me to defend him, and 2) HIS PSYCHOTIC EX WAS ABLE TO GET INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNTS ELECTRONICALLY!!!

Guys, you HAVE TO  change ALL YOUR PASSWORDS.  Use a whole new set of words and ideas to protect yourself.

I can’t tell you enough how devious an angry spouse can be. They will snoop in all your papers and online accounts, for anything to help them and to hurt you.


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