Going to Court for Child Support – Evander Holyfield Avoids Jail

In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Strategy Issues on October 29, 2008 at 11:00 am

Evander Holyfield narrowly avoided going to jail for his back child support, here’s my take on the topic of father’s who fall behind on child support payments as quoted from Divorce360.com:

California attorney David Pisarra said he worked a similar case last week in which one party was trying to get a contempt order that would could put his client in jail for non-payment of child support. “It is a lot like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. By putting a person in jail you inhibit their abiliy to earn a living, thus causing more harm to an already difficult and painful situation, because of their hours have been cut back, now they might lose their job entirely.”

He explained, “Most of the men we represent who are behind on their child support payments are just good guys who are financially strapped. The number one reason men who have been paying child support, fall behind, is job loss. As we move into a tighter economy we’re going to see more people fall behind, and the best thing parents can do for their kids what happened here, by working together they were able to fashion a solution.”

As the economy tightens men need to get into court sooner to preserve their rights and to protect themselves from having to face the judge over contempt charges and possible jail time.


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