In Child Custody Issues, Parental Alienation, Strategy Issues on October 28, 2008 at 10:25 am

The assault on men and father’s rights continues in that bastion of understanding TEXAS. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority posted two unbelievably outrageous, inflammatory, inappropriate and nauseating ads. The ads read: “One day my husband will kill me” and pictures an adorable little girl. The other reads: “When I grow up I will beat my wife” and shows a cute young boy. This type of pandering to the malebashers is what leads to a culture that makes Parental Alienation so much easier for women to achieve. it is this rabble rousing that causes courts to take children away from excellent fathers that love them. 


These ads do nothing but foster misunderstanding and paranoia. They are extreme examples of an “educational campaign” gone bad. There is no balance to them, when statistics show that women are also perpetuators of domestic violence. These do nothing to address the real issue of domestic violence in a fair and impartial manner, they just continue to perpetuate the stereotypes. 

Glenn Sacks has done an outstanding job, along with Fathers & Families to put pressure on the DART board to remove the ads. 

You can read more about their struggles and their effectiveness here: GlennSacks.com

  1. David:

    Good words. I just read the Servicemen’s responses to the ads. They provide a perspective that feminists need to hear.

    Warriors fighting to protect them despite being trashed in those despicable ads.

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