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Gay Marriage means Gay Divorce !

In Property Issues, Spousal Support, Strategy Issues on October 30, 2008 at 6:42 am

This just in from the United Kingdom, London desk, Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame, who “married” his partner in a civil union just 18 months ago, has divorced his tv producer partner. Expected payouts will be millions of dollars of support and property that the two acquired over the time they were together. 

The TV star is reputed to be worth £5 million, (About $10 million).


Matt Lucas is on the left.

Matt Lucas is on the left.



Here’s the original story.


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There I was, sure that my client had a winning hand in the Orange County Court on an Order to Show Cause regarding Child Support and Spousal Support, we had delivered the other side with our Income and Expense Declaration showing just how little money he had in the bank and made each month.

Dead Bang Winner.

Until her lawyer shows me the printout from his bank account, the one he didn’t give me, showing the deposits that  I didn’t know about.

Two things about this are annoying. 1) He didn’t tell me the full story – which makes it hard for me to defend him, and 2) HIS PSYCHOTIC EX WAS ABLE TO GET INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNTS ELECTRONICALLY!!!

Guys, you HAVE TO  change ALL YOUR PASSWORDS.  Use a whole new set of words and ideas to protect yourself.

I can’t tell you enough how devious an angry spouse can be. They will snoop in all your papers and online accounts, for anything to help them and to hurt you.

Going to Court for Child Support – Evander Holyfield Avoids Jail

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Evander Holyfield narrowly avoided going to jail for his back child support, here’s my take on the topic of father’s who fall behind on child support payments as quoted from Divorce360.com:

California attorney David Pisarra said he worked a similar case last week in which one party was trying to get a contempt order that would could put his client in jail for non-payment of child support. “It is a lot like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. By putting a person in jail you inhibit their abiliy to earn a living, thus causing more harm to an already difficult and painful situation, because of their hours have been cut back, now they might lose their job entirely.”

He explained, “Most of the men we represent who are behind on their child support payments are just good guys who are financially strapped. The number one reason men who have been paying child support, fall behind, is job loss. As we move into a tighter economy we’re going to see more people fall behind, and the best thing parents can do for their kids what happened here, by working together they were able to fashion a solution.”

As the economy tightens men need to get into court sooner to preserve their rights and to protect themselves from having to face the judge over contempt charges and possible jail time.


In Child Custody Issues, Parental Alienation, Strategy Issues on October 28, 2008 at 10:25 am

The assault on men and father’s rights continues in that bastion of understanding TEXAS. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority posted two unbelievably outrageous, inflammatory, inappropriate and nauseating ads. The ads read: “One day my husband will kill me” and pictures an adorable little girl. The other reads: “When I grow up I will beat my wife” and shows a cute young boy. This type of pandering to the malebashers is what leads to a culture that makes Parental Alienation so much easier for women to achieve. it is this rabble rousing that causes courts to take children away from excellent fathers that love them. 


These ads do nothing but foster misunderstanding and paranoia. They are extreme examples of an “educational campaign” gone bad. There is no balance to them, when statistics show that women are also perpetuators of domestic violence. These do nothing to address the real issue of domestic violence in a fair and impartial manner, they just continue to perpetuate the stereotypes. 

Glenn Sacks has done an outstanding job, along with Fathers & Families to put pressure on the DART board to remove the ads. 

You can read more about their struggles and their effectiveness here: GlennSacks.com

Eminem Video – Mockingbird

In Child Custody Issues, Parental Alienation on October 18, 2008 at 10:04 am

It’s a great video of a father’s pain. Eminem is not the most politically correct of individuals, but at least he lets his pain show through in his music, and his love for his children in this video. 



Modify Child Support ASAP!

In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Strategy Issues on October 13, 2008 at 10:10 am

Saturday I went in to a local store in West Los Angeles and there were almost no shoppers. Normally this store is packed with customers, Saturday it was probably 3 to 1, staff to customers. That’s bad news for many people. I spoke to an employee who said that their hours were being cut back from 40 a week to 16, in 4 hour shifts.


The problem with all of that is the psychic effect it has on people. A job cutback or lay-off makes people scared, and they stop acting. They stop shopping, and more importantly, buying. It puts a freeze on all activity.


I see that same thing in many of my clients who come to me with huge back child support obligations because they were laid off, and rather than go in to the Los Angeles court and seek a modification based on their now non-existent income, they get fearful, and “hope to have  new job soon” that will pay them what they were making. They let their fear rule their actions, and use “hope” to offset the fear, rather than action. This is a huge mistake.


Once you’ve had a major change in your life, you need to address it quickly, particularly with something as gnarly as Child Support. If you’re paying child support, and have a loss in income, you need to take action immediately, unpaid child support obligations add up quickly and will ruin your life. Whether you are in Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura or Orange county,  or anywhere else in the country you need to file the papers ASAP!


It’s hard for men to admit that they need to reduce their child support when they’ve been laid off. It’s like a double whammy of “I’m not a good employee” and “I’m not a good provider.” But the reality is that sticking your head in the sand in hard times, like now, is not the answer. People could be out of work for a very long time, and avoiding the topic will only make it worse.


File immediately to get an Order to Show Cause on calendar, the reason why is that you’ve at least set a date in the sand for retroactivity to be applied if you end up having to reduce your payments. And if you get a job between now and the date of the hearing, you can always drop the OSC and keep things as they are.


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We just uploaded the upgraded MENSFAMILYLAW.COM website, with radio clips of my interview with the Michael Dresser show. I spoke about “Marriage is a business contract”, the long term effects of joint custody, and several other topics.

Check out MENSFAMILYLAW.COM for more high value content.