In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Strategy Issues on September 10, 2008 at 2:06 pm

When it comes to Child Support, it’s a hot issue for men. They have to pay, but have no control over how it is spent, that is a constant source of complaint for men. Mom uses “my kids money” for her nails, her hair, or her yoga. Well, sorry bout that, but there’s nothing you can do. So with that in mind, here are three things you CAN do: 

1) PAY BY CHECK – Checks are important because they give you a permanent record of what has been paid. Cash, and Money Orders are easily forgotten about, lost, and don’t have a paper trail. Keep your old, cancelled checks until you have signed release from the mom that you have paid all your child support, and I mean ALL.

2) BE CLEAR IN YOUR AGREEMENT WHAT YOU PAY FOR –  The court will make you pay support, because it goes for things like food, utilities, clothes, but you need to be clear on what you must pay for “In Addition” to the child support.

3) ACCEPT THAT YOU MUST PAY IT – You don’t have a choice over how it is spent, it’s is Mom’s to do with as she needs. You’re better off just making sure you pay it on time, keep a record and forget about it. If your kid needs something, and mom’s not buying it, man up and do it yourself without complaint.

  1. “man up to it and do it yourself without complaint”?! Nice – real nice. You pay your ex upwards of 50% of your salary, fully cover the health insurance, 1/2 of everything else the nut job comes up with – and now you say that a father should “man up”? Holy hell – what about the so-called mother? Shouldn’t she be “woman-ing up” and supporting her damn kids with the CHILD support?

    Yes. A father should support his children. But HELL NO – he should no be supporting his ex-wife.

    That is all.

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