In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Parental Alienation, Strategy Issues on September 9, 2008 at 2:57 pm

In the world of raising children, Moms get the right to decide if they are going to have a child, usually they decide how to raise the child, and dad gets to pay – no matter what.

Moms always have two main complaints, 1) “He’s a terrible father – he never spends any time with his child,” and 2) “Child support doesn’t even begin to cover all the costs of raising a child.” It’s the Catch-22 of child support.

Child Support doesn’t cover the costs of having a child in your possession – everyone agrees on that, which means that it is more expensive to support the child when they are in your care. So when Dad wants to take a bigger, more expensive role, in his kids life, mom says it is only to LOWER his Child Support Payments? Yes, that is how the argument goes, because it would lower his child support payments to her, but not what it costs him.

You’d think that when a Dad steps up to the plate and wants more custodial time with his child, Moms would jump at the chance to have Dad shoulder more of the burden – you’d be wrong. Mom’s argument now becomes, “He’s only doing it so he doesn’t have to pay as much child support.”

The choice for men is either be a good Dad, pay more money and ignore the complaints of Mom, or be a bad Father, pay less money and ignore the verbal abuse from Mom.

MORAL OF THE STORY: You’re going to be labeled a “bad Dad” no matter what, either you don’t spend enough time with your kids, which mom will fight you on, or you don’t give her enough money, so do what is right for your kid – be there for them. And pay your child support on time.

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