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Big Daddy is a bear of a man, 6’2″ and 290 pounds. His ex-wife, after their marriage of 2 years, decided that even though he was good enough to sleep with, marry, father a child with, and take his money, he just wasn’t good enough to be a father to their 2 year old daughter.

Mind you, he had THREE other children, by two other wives. BOTH of whom he vacationed with, and stayed with, and whose new spouses even liked him.

Psycho, who was the one that wanted to divorce him currently, says that even though they both did drugs, and both drank too much, he was the alcoholic/drug addict and he should not be allowed near his daughter. She’d take the child support money though.

Well, that was crap, I thought, if he’s good enough to be Mom’s Bank, he’s good enough to be his daughters daddy.

We start playing hardball, and so does mom. She starts crying to anyone that will listen, “I think he’s sexually molesting my daughter.” Doctors, Child Protective Services, Judges, Sheriffs, she’s telling everyone that she can find that this dad is a pedophile.

She’s hit the Nuclear Option Button and is not letting it go.

The courts are so concerned about this, that any allegation is going to be take seriously, at first. We have to respond loud and hard. I point out that the Doctor has not reported anything to CPS, and that CPS has closed its investigation, BOTH TIMES.

We agree (stipulate) to go through a 730 evaluation, that’s where a psychologist interviews Dad, Mom, Grandparents, teachers, the kids, anyone involved in the family, to determine who is telling the truth and who is “stretching the truth.”

Throughout the 6 months process, Mom is doing everything she can to get Dad to react. He has to drive 90 minutes in Los Angeles traffic, EACH WAY to see his kid, twice a week. He does it, without complaining. And every now and then, she doesn’t let him have his kid.  She mysteriously “forgets” that he has visitation that week.

We call the cops on her, she tells them that she wont give up her baby, they do NOTHING. We show them the court order, THEY DO NOTHING.

She decides to move to another state, and sends Dad, AND THE JUDGE, a letter that she is taking the child with her. This is in violation of the court order. She can’t do that. But we have to go to court three times to get the judge to hear the issue. Because she hasn’t left the state yet, he CANNOT DO ANYTHING. She has to actually defy the order and leave with her kid, then the judge will order her back to the state, but Big Daddy will have to spend $5,000 or more, to get his kid back.

Throughout this process, Big Daddy has kept his cool. He never gets angry in an email, he’s always polite, and wishing her the best. He’s always good with the Psychologist, just unemotionally states his side of the street.

She gets crazy. She’s crying in court, wailing as if she was having her heart removed through her *&^Y. She’s screaming at me, screaming at the judge, the bailiffs have to escort us to the parking lot for our own safety.

Finally, the 730 is over, the psychologist says that Big Daddy needs to stay sober, and that Mom needs extensive ongoing therapy, parenting classes, and to “grow up.” Also, and most importantly,  THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF PHYSICAL, SEXUAL OR EMOTIONAL ABUSE BY DAD, AND MOM LIES.

Dad should be allowed to continue his custody and visitation, and as the child grows be allowed to have more time with his kid.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Keep your cool, stay in the game, and let her psycho crazy crap blow her up, and you can win custody and visitation.

  1. I feel like Big Daddy is my husband and Psycho is his ex-wife – it’s just terrible…

  2. This is a very similar situation to my husband’s. His ex has made allegations of a sexual nature as well as saying that our kids have said we beat them…which is positively FALSE! The children are 4 and 3 and I shudder to think what manipulations she tries to orchestrate through the kids. Mothers are not the only ones who can raise a child as a single parent, so Dads don’t give up! your children need you.

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