I Can’t Pay My Child Support, Can I See My Kids?

In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Parental Alienation, Strategy Issues on August 30, 2008 at 9:39 am

Moms love to link the ability to pay Child Support to Dad’s visitation.

Many moms try to keep the fathers away from the kids, if dad is behind in child support.


You should not be prevented from seeing your kids, just because you can’t afford the child support. Your relationship with your kids goes beyond that of the financial. You’re more than just an ATM for Mom’s needs.

The courts, AND MOM, have to allow you to have time with your kids so that you can build a relationship and bond with them. No one can prevent a willing father from seeing his father, just because he’s out of money.

  1. Child support and visitation are two separate matters. You can’t stop paying because she won’t let you see the kids and she can’t stop letting you see them if you don’t pay. Do the right thing, pay her whatever you can, even if it’s not the total amount. Then, take her to court for a violation of the visitation order. Even if she countersues, you won’t look like a total jack ass, you paid what you could…better than nothing. And even if you do go to court for back child support, they usually just add a small amount to your current payments until you catch up.

    But regardless, one thing has NOTHING to do with the other, legally speaking.


    PS Read this article that I wrote so you can tell the judge about your ex and what she’s trying to do to you.:

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