Don’t Use The Internet to Wage Divorce War!

In Strategy Issues on August 5, 2008 at 10:30 pm

The original article is : YouTube, Divorce and Airing your Dirty Laundry – Divorce360.com

Tricia Walsh Smith, a New York playwright ( can you say Drama Queen?) chose to air her ugly divorce on YouTube, including allegations about her soon to be ex’s impotence – bad idea. This doesn’t make the judge like you more, and it does open you up to at least the possibility of being sued, and possibly sanctioned by the judge.

I am quoted as follows:

David Pisarra, a Los Angeles divorce attorney, said the video is just another sign of the times. “Everyone in this modern day wants their 15 minutes of fame. This may be her way of getting it. It’s also part of today’s social networking. Everyone is always plugged in all the time…. People who go on MySpace and blog can quickly have 200 friends… This is how people today choose to connect to each other. It’s a very human emotion, people crave connections. We’ll do anything we can do to get them. This is the latest rendition of how people chose to connect to each other.”

 Here’s the complete original article:


and the actual Tricia Walsh-Smith video here:


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