“When Attorneys Hate Each Other” – Divorce360.com

In Child Custody Issues, Child Support, Property Issues, Spousal Support, Strategy Issues on August 3, 2008 at 10:08 pm

Here’s a quote from me in an article on Divorce360.com:

“Lawyers are supposed to act as buffers between their clients. If I have a cooperative relationship with the opposing counsel, I get the best results for the client with least amount of cost,” said David Pisarra, 41, practicing family law attorney of 10 years, who heads the Santa Monica, Calif. law office of Pisarra and Grist. “If the other side just wants to battle, it creates acrimony. And that acrimony is counterproductive. What we are tying to do is split up their stuff and work with issues of custody and support of the kids. It doesn’t facilitate that at all if I don’t trust the other lawyer or get papered to death.”   

The full article is here:


Trying to be an island of calm is not always easy, particularly when the other side really wants to burn through their clients fees, and then make your client contribute, because “he makes more money” – an opinion I have heard far too often.


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