Prepping Your Records For Divorce.

In Child Support, Property Issues, Spousal Support, Strategy Issues on August 1, 2008 at 10:34 pm

I was quoted in another Divorce360.com article, “8 Budgeting Tips during Divorce”:

Critical records like your will, birth certificate, passport, 401(k) statements and tax returns, should be stored in a safe and easily accessible spot, such as a safe. Keeping things neat and clean is crucial for divorcing couples. “Make copies of everything related to financial issues,” said Santa Monica-based family law attorney David Pisarra. “When couples split up, bills are no longer jointly paid so if you are contemplating a divorce it’s critical to acknowledge the financial components that come along with it.”  

In my Family Law Handbook, which you can download as a free PDF at www.mensfamilylaw.com, I explain further what to prepare for, and how get ready for a pending divorce. The short version is 1) Stockpile cash in a safe place, 2) Take the Documents you’ll need – it’s always easier to give the other side copies, than try to get them to give you copies.


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